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Why Your Event Needs a Mobile ATM

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You’re holding a major event where there are vendors selling wares, drinks, food, and other memorabilia. Everything is going great — except when some patrons run out of cash and the nearest ATM machine is 10 miles down the road. This either results in your patrons leaving and not coming back, or they stop spending money — neither of which you desire.

Tritec ATM in Richmond offers mobile ATMs that you can use at your event to prevent the above scenario from happening. We also offer ATMs for sale, as well as ATM services and supplies. In this blog post, we’ll go over why your event needs a mobile ATM. Contact us today to get started!


Increases revenue.

Increased revenue is the number one reason why your event needs at least one ATM machine (and Tritec recommends more, especially if your event is large). When people have cash burning a hole in their pockets, they spend it. Some say people spend more with a debit card, but truthfully, people will spend more when they have cash. Cash is a quicker transaction since you don’t have to stand around, waiting for a transaction to process and then sign for it. Cash is a must if you have multiple vendors because some smaller vendors either won’t take cash due to the fees, or they prefer cash sales for the same reason. Either way, you will be increasing your revenue when you have a mobile ATM from Tritec ATM at your event.

You don’t want customers to leave.

If you don’t have a mobile ATM and your patrons run out of cash, they may leave to go get cash. Well, once they leave, they may pull into a cheaper fast food place to grab a bite to eat, or they may not come back at all if parking is a hassle. At an event, you want your patrons to stick around as long as possible. If they leave, odds are, they are not coming back.

Attract more vendors.

Credit card fees can really eat into mom-and-pop who are usually sole proprietors who either do this business as a side business or just don’t make enough money to cover credit card fees every time someone swipes their card. When you offer a mobile ATM from Tritec ATM based in Richmond, you’ll attract these vendors who much prefer to transact in cash rather than by card.

Painless for you.

With Tritec ATM’s mobile ATM service, you don’t do a thing. We show up. We install the mobile ATMs. We service them. We provide the cash. We remove them. We can also provide onsite technicians during your event to make sure they are working properly. No special equipment is needed. No internet connection is needed. Everything is wireless. In fact, when you rent mobile ATMs from Tritec, it will probably be the least worrisome to-do on your list.

Reduced the number of checks written.

When customers really want to purchase a ware, they may offer to write a check if they don’t have the cash, or if your vendors aren’t accepting credit card payments. Most people, even those writing the check, heave a huge sign because writing a check is a pain all around. Those behind the customer writing the check are exasperated, so much so they may just leave without making their intended purchase. The person writing the check has to remember how since it’s been so long since they’ve written a check (this is worse when the customer is a millennial and a check is as foreign to them as a rotary phone is). They may even prolong the process by apologizing profusely instead of writing. The vendor is equally frustrated because although they want the sale, their time is being taken up waiting on the check writer instead of serving other, faster customers. A mobile ATM from Tritec ATM in Richmond can eliminate headaches all around.

Provides seamless contentment.

In today’s society, everyone is used to convenience and instantaneousness. They are used to having cash when they want it and how they want it. When you have mobile ATMs at your event, customers can get cash and go about their business. Without a mobile ATM from Tritec ATM in Richmond, there are hiccups — hiccups that customers may not be able to swallow the next time your event is held. They may choose not to come back if they are inconvenienced and frustrated too much by your lack of cash availability.


Mobile ATMs are a must-have if you are to carry off a successful event that you want to continue offering and have it to continue to grow. Whether your event is an outdoor concert, a soccer tournament, a business conference, a county fair, a town festival, a trade show, or a local parade, you need a mobile ATM in order to pull off a successful event.

When you partner with Tritec ATM for all of your mobile ATM needs, you’ll not only have a successful event, but you’ll have mobile ATMs taken care of by us with no work hours out of your time. Contact us today to get started!

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