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What You Need to Know About ATM Card Skimmers


While many forms of security have arisen in order to protect people’s finances in the digital world, you can bet that there will always be thieves and con artists who are innovating new ways to rob people. Unfortunately, ATM machines aren’t immune to this, and that’s why you should be aware of credit card skimmers.

Skimmers are a tool that thieves can use to steal credit card data from people who use ATM machines, and whether you’re a user or the owner of the machine, it’s important to know how to recognize them.

What is a Card Skimmer?

A card skimmer is essentially a device that can be placed over the card reader of common machines — the most common targets being gas pumps and ATMs. Well-made skinners are much less obvious than you’d think, and they quite often blend in perfectly.

A card skimmer has tech inside which can pull the sensitive information of any card that passes through it. This means that a thief could put one on a machine, wait a day or two for a bunch of people to use it, and then plug it into their computer and collect all their credit card numbers.

We shouldn’t have to explain why this is a problem — for both consumer and business owner, having an undetected card skimmer on ATM machine is a lose-lose scenario. At Tritec, we have ATM machines for sale in all kinds of varieties, so you can bet we know a thing or two about the dangers of card skimmers. Here are some ways to be vigilant about skimmers:

  • Inspect the ATM for Tampering: When you use an ATM device (or inspect the one you have in your building), keep an eye out for any tempering, especially where the card reader is. If the card reading component feels loose, wiggly, or out of place, a skimmer might be installed. If the card reader is a different color than the rest of the machine, that’s often a giveaway, and you can also identify a skimmer because it often overlaps with the arrow indicators below the card reader.
  • Install Security Cameras: Not all ATM machines are viable for card skimmers, because in certain locations, a thief is just too likely to be caught. Only a fool would attempt to install a skimmer in a bank or a highly busy store with cameras. But if you have a business that gets less traffic, a thief might feel empowered to take advantage. You can either make your cameras extremely obvious to deter skimming attempts, or keep it hidden so you can potentially catch them in the act.
  • Invest In a Secure ATM Machine: ATM manufacturers aren’t blind to the threat of card skimming, and with each new iteration, there are more security measures in place which ensure that it’s harder for con artists to steal information. Many ATMs now come with advanced security features which make them harder to tamper with, and they can also come with built-in cameras. The newer your machine is, the less likely it is to be the victim of a card skimmer.

ATM Machines For Sale

The good news is that the public at large as started to become more aware of card skimmers, due to social media awareness, and ATM machines are becoming more and more sophisticated with their security measures. At Tritec, we have ATM machines for sale for business owners who want one on their premises, and if you choose from our quality selection, it’s highly unlikely that a thief would ever be able to successfully install a skimmer, especially if you follow the precautions mentioned above.

There are several reasons why an ATM machine can be beneficial for your business. Browse our selection today, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

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