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Reasons to Buy an ATM for Your Store

Take a stroll down the main drag through your city. You will find that ATMs exist virtually everywhere. For most towns and cities, ATMs are on every street corner, inside of every store. It’s rare that you venture through a populated area and have a hard time finding an ATM. But here’s why all of these stores have ATMs: they bring customers through their doors. For many customers, being forced to use cash is an inconvenience — especially with the technology that we have today. Most can “tap and go” with their payments. However, if you’re in a highly trafficked area, an ATM machine can be the saving grace for many passersby or those looking to purchase something from your store.

Here’s Why You Ought To Purchase An ATM Machine

As a store, whether convenient, grocer, or otherwise, an ATM gives your customers the opportunity to fulfill a need. They need cash, and you have an ATM machine that gives them the luxury to get cash. It’s a simple supply and demand situation. As a matter of fact, here are five more reasons why you ought to purchase an ATM for your store:

#1. Increase Foot Traffic

One of the biggest reasons to buy an ATM machine for your stores is to increase foot traffic. As mentioned briefly above, an ATM solves a customers problem: they need cash now. If a customer is actively looking for an ATM as they walk past your store, or if they search for an ATM online, you have the opportunity to be the store they choose, increasing foot traffic and your chance to sell more product.

#2. Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees

When you give customers access to cash, you reduce your cost on credit card processing fees. It’s a huge benefit to have at least one ATM in your store. When asked, you can point at your machine and tell your customer, “You can get cash over there.” It’s simple, and it’s easy. What’s more, with over hundreds of transactions per month, you can save a lot by reducing your credit card processing fees.

#3. Create Convenience

A great way to retain customer loyalty is to offer an ATM machine in your store. Not only do your loyal customers visit you for their favorite products, but you offer them access to cash. When your customers use cash, you reduce credit card processing costs and your customers are happy.

#4. Foster Safety

When customers are able to step into your store to withdraw cash from an ATM machine, they tend to feel safer about the process. Granted, outdoor ATMs are effective, but they leave customers feeling vulnerable. Adding an ATM in your store, in a secluded area is a great way to foster safety in and around your store for customers in need of some cash.

#5. Develop Trust

The more often customers visit your store to get cash or purchase items, they develop a trust for you. Once your customers trust you, they return more often for transactions. What’s more, a customer that trusts you is a loyal customer. This means that they tell those closest to them about your store and your services, leading to more customers and more sales.

Tritec ATM: East Coast Leader In ATM Machines

If you’re ready to purchase an ATM machine for your store, do not wait. You gain a large number of benefits that help you and your customers. It’s not enough to have a credit card reader. You need to offer cash. Ready to buy an ATM? Contact Tritect ATM today!

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