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MoniSafe 400A (Up to 7 recycling cassettes)

$29,500.00 $26,000.00

Up to 7 recycling cassettes, Reject and retract Capabilities, 2 manual deposit slots, Deposit and dispense 200 notes per transaction, Single slot deposit and dispense, Interchangeable cassette with Monimax cash recycling ATMs and 1 Year Currency Template Maintenance
7″ wide LCD with Touch Screen, Display unit status, note counting and guidance messages, Error jamming point display, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, UL291 Level 1 and CEN L/III


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“The MoniSafe 400A is a very important component of our overall branch strategy,” said Andy Orent President and CEO of Hyosung North America. “It allows us to extend our spectrum of branch transformation solutions.  We now have a complete family of branch terminals that allow our customers to serve their customers in and outside the branch, in an assisted self-service mode, and if they elect, at the teller line.  All of these solutions are based on the very same architecture and technology.”

The MoniSafe 400A cash recycler makes use of a revolutionary intelligent cassette technology that allows the internal cassettes of this device to be exchangeable with other devices of the same family and also with the Hyosung assisted self-service terminals.  In addition, the MoniSafe 400A offers very specific functionalities such as loading from and unloading to a secure cassette, and self-auditing, which allow for new levels of cash automation efficiency.  These features, together with its industry-leading high capacity and speed make the MoniSafe 400A the most advanced cash recycling system available in the market today.

Mario Perottino, newly appointed Vice President of Product Marketing & Planning at Hyosung, underlines, “In my many years of experience in cash automation, I have never seen a teller cash recycler so advanced and effective in managing cash operations.  The software vendors we are working with to integrate the MoniSafe 400A have the exact same positive reaction.  This is a solution that will provide substantial benefits to our customers.”



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