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Hantle c4000 (Two, 2,000 Note Cassettes)

$4,259.00 $3,999.00

Two, 2,000 Note Cassettes (HCDU 2)
10.4″ color TFT LCD, electronic lock, PCI compliant keypad, 80MM printer, Win CE, 64 MB RAM, 128 MB Flash, business hours, EMV Card Reader, voice, and standard topper.


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The Hantle c4000 combines the ‘best in class’ convergence between ATM and self-service functionality. Built standard with features such as a 10.4” High-Resolution color LCD, both modem and integrated Ethernet (SSL) communications and a wide variety of dispensing options (up to 4 cassettes), the C4000 provides the perfect hardware platform on which to implement innovative new services and potential revenue streams for ATM owners.

The Win CE Operating System provides the flexibility to create made-to-order solutions including custom applications, customer-specific branding and graphics for retailers and value-added services for consumers.

The Hantle c4000 is fully TDES and ADA compliant right out of the box, including a PCI/VISA or Interac Encrypting Pin Pad (EPP) and a voice/lighted transaction guidance system.



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