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Genmega C6000 (Two  2,000 Note Removable Cassette)

$4,599.00 $4,299.00

Two  2,000 note Removable Cassette (HCDU)
15″ Color TFT- LCD Panel, E-lock, EMV Card Reader, 80mm Printer, TCP/IP & SSL Connection, Voice Guided,WinCE 6.0 platform, and Mini High Bright Topper


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Genmega understands that maximizing revenue and delivering your retail solution in a reliable and customer friendly form is critical to your business.

The Genmega C6000 ATM includes high-end features including a 15″ LCD with function key or 15″ touch screen LCD and 2K cassette, eye catching modern design and host of hardware options driven by a Microsoft Windows CE™ 6.0 operating environment for maximum flexibility.


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