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Argo 12.0-SDD Deep Cabinet

$3,999.00 $3,799.00

Talaris SDD-2,000 Note Cassette
12.1” Widescreen Color, PCI Keypad, 60mm Printer, EMV Dip Card Reader, Windows CE Platform, E-Lock, Business Hours Safe, TCP/IP, SSL, NO DIAL MODEM, Integrated Topper


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Feature Set ARGO 12
Screen Size 12.1″ (307 mm)
Touch screen No
Function Keys Capacitive Touch
UL291 Certification Business Hours
Level 1 Option
Printer 60mm Standard
80mm Option
Keypad PCI Compliant
ADA Compliant
Triton Key Management Option
Card Reader Dip Style
EMV Option
Dispenser Shell Unit (no dispenser)
Glory™ SDD 1700
Genmega SCDU
Genmega HCDU
Glory™ NMD 50
Glory MiniMech *
(Shallow Cabinet)
Cassettes 1 to 4
Lock Dial Standard
Electronic Option
Kaba® Mas Cencon Option
Communication TCP/IP with SSL Option
Dial Modem Option
TDL Gateway Wireless Option
Camera Optional
Topper Integrated Topper
High Topper Option
Operating System
Additional features LED Indicators
Door Switch (Optional)
High-Security Control Panel Lock (Optional)
Dimensions 57.2 H x 18.3 W x 25.8 D (in)
(No Topper) 1459 H x 465 W x 655 D (mm)
Weight (UL291 BH) 188 lb (85 kg)

* Dial Modem not available for e-Receipt option ; * MiniMech and SCDU are not available with the Level 1


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