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You want to sell more ATM machines. You want to grow your business. How do you accomplish both goals? You partner with a business like Tritec ATM. After being in the ATM industry since 2008, Tritec has established itself as one of the experts on the east coast. No longer do you have to spend a dozen hours every day keeping your ATM business afloat. When you partner with an ATM company like Tritec, you gain a partner that wants you to succeed.

ATM Services

Tritec offers a number of ATM services to independent ATM deployers. Whether you have five ATM machines or a couple dozen machines in the market, we can help. Here are some of the ATM Services we offer our partners:

  • Maintenance – First-line (routine support, replacement, and restocking of consumables), and second-line (replacing or repairing worn parts as well as updating software).
  • Processing – POS systems, In-store credit card machines, Mobile phone or tablet payment through sliding, ALINE card, credit card machine processors, and more.
  • Cash Assistance – we take over cash load-in for partner machines.
  • Merchant Payments – we manage monthly disbursement payments.
  • Dedicated Account Managers – We manage admin responsibilities for your network.

No matter your need, Tritec is here to serve you.

ATM Machines

As the leading ATM business on the east coast, Tritec services more than the Richmond, VA area. With partnerships and machines in four different states, we supply some of the best brands in the industry, including:

ATM Supplies

You cannot run an ATM without the necessary supplies. That’s why Tritec ATM works with its partners to ensure all ATM supplies are stocked and ready to be used by customers. Need cash to stock your machine? Tritec offers this service, as well. Here are some general supplies that nearly every ATM machine needs to make you money:

  • ATM parts
  • Paper
  • Signs
  • Wireless ATM
  • ATM locks
  • Card readers

Mobile ATMs

Tritec also supplies events with mobile ATMs so that attendees do not have to travel away from the venue to find cash. A huge advantage to offering mobile ATMs at events is that potential customers do not leave, which increases the chance that they will spend their cash somewhere else. Instead, work with Tritec ATM and get your mobile ATMs rented 48 hours prior to your event taking place.

Why Choose Tritec ATM

Whether you’re running a dozen of your own ATM machines in the area, or you have dozens of machines that need service, maintenance, and more, Tritec is the ATM business you can trust to help you make more money and grow your ATM residuals. Want to sell your ATM business? Tritec has worked with a number of independent ATM deployers to take the responsibilities of the industry off their hands.

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