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Don’t Neglect These 5 ATM Machine Parts


A machine is only as good as its components. This is true for just about every kind of technology. A Lamborghini isn’t very useful if its wheels don’t have tires, and a smartphone is dead weight if its battery is shot. ATM machines are no exception to this rule — if one important component goes defunct, it could render your whole machine useless.

That’s why it’s important to be vigilant about the parts on your ATM machine! At Tritec, we have ATM machines for sale, but that’s not the only thing we offer to our clients. We also sell ATM parts, and services to install said parts if you need the help.

But before you do that, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the components that are most important to an ATM. Let’s take a look at the essential parts and supplies.


Fortunately, not every machine is rendered inoperable if the paper supply runs out. People go to ATMs to withdraw cash, after all, and if they’re getting that, the machine is still serving its main purpose. With that being said, it’s prudent to have a healthy paper supply so you can prevent it from running out unexpectedly.

One of the most important functions of paper is to provide ATM users with a receipt. The receipt typically shows the details of the transaction, along with the person’s new bank account balance. Not everyone opts for receipts, but to some people, it’s an integral step of a meticulous financial record-keeping process. It’s better to get ahead of the problem by having fresh rolls of paper that are ready to be installed in any moment’s notice. If you’re running low, be sure to contact us for refills!

A Functional Screen

The quality of screen varies greatly across ATM machines. Older ones may have rudimentary monochrome displays, while newer devices may have a beautiful LED touchscreen. But no matter how advanced the screen is, you’ve got a problem if it stops working. Every single ATM relies on the screen for the user to navigate their transactions, so it’s not really something that can be left alone if it’s malfunctioning — indeed, if the screen doesn’t work, the machine should be moved or blocked off with clear indicators that it’s out of order.

At this juncture, the best move is to seek an ATM service to repair or replace the device. If you call Tritec, we’ll take a look at your unique situation and determine how best to overcome the problem so that you can have a fully functioning machine ASAP.

Want to prevent damage to your screen? You can’t control people’s actions, but if you place the machine somewhere that’s fairly conspicuous, people are less likely to be rough with it.

Card Readers

Your ATM machine isn’t very useful if it can’t actually read the cards that are being inserted into it. You’ve more than likely had situations where you’ve been met with a defunct credit card reader when you try to buy something, and it’s not fun for anyone. Just like retail card readers can go bad, this can also happen with ATMs.

If you get one report from someone that the machine couldn’t read their card, it could maybe just be that their strip has gone bad. If you get multiple reports, you should definitely inspect your machine. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to use an ATM only to find that one of its most essential functions isn’t working.


The buttons and keyboards on ATM machines are generally pretty durable, and they’re designed to last for the long haul, especially if you pick up a newer machine. But they’re not foolproof. A lot of older machines have printed iconography on their buttons, instead of being embossed or engraved. If it’s in a high-traffic area, thousands of fingers could be pressing these buttons every day, perhaps even to the point of the iconography wearing off.

Most ATMs are designed so that you can discern the purpose of the buttons even if they’re worn down, but you don’t want to take chances with this kind of thing. People don’t respond very well to errors and mistakes when it directly involves their money, so if you’re starting to see wear and tear on your ATM machine, ask us if your machine is eligible for repair or replacement!


Finally, what good is an ATM if it can’t actually dispense cash? For our partner machines, we offer cash load-in ATM services. Stocking your ATM with cash is integral to its functionality, and it’s a job that needs to be done professionally with zero room for mistakes. Do you have a partner machine with Tritec? Don’t hesitate to contact us for servicing.

ATM Machines For Sale

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