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You own and operate a business. Your time is valuable. So when it comes time to order ATM supplies, you need a reliable, consistent supplier. You cannot waste time waiting for supplies to arrive. Downtime for your machine means fewer customers use to buy products in the store. Enhance your ATM machine experience and keep yours supplied.

At Tritec ATM, we help ATM deployers and business owners keep their ATMs fully functional. Our supplies are consistent and reliable. When you need to order new supplies, you can trust us to deliver. We’ve been in business since 2008, and we are a multi-state company (soon to be national). Our mission, all the way down ATM supplies, is to ensure your ATM machine remains online and functioning. Here is what we offer:

ATM Parts

Your ATM may go down due to a malfunctioning part. Tritec will work with you to get the ATM part you need to get your machine back online and functioning properly.


What does every ATM machine need? Paper. What frustrates customers more than having an ATM machine that runs out of money? A machine that won’t print receipts. You need to make sure your ATM machine always has paper.


Want to let customers know about an ATM located in the store? You can do this with signs. Tritec helps you find the sign that best fits your need.

Wireless ATM

No longer do you need to hardline your access to the ATM. You can do it wirelessly! Tritect offers wireless ATM functionality to make your life easier.

ATM Locks

Did your ATM experience a break-in attempt? Do you need a new ATM lock? We’ve got you covered. Depending on machine, we will be able to assist you in purchasing a new lock.

Card Readers

If you need a new card reader, we help you get one. Don’t require your customers to deal with the hassle of handing their card over. You can utilize a card reader to make it easy for them and let them remain in control of their payment.

Don’t see the supplies you need on the list above? Call us anyway. We may be able to help you find exactly what you need. We also speak arabic.


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