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Tritec offers a number of ATM services to independent ATM deployers. Whether you have five ATM machines or a couple dozen machines in the market, we can help. Here are some of the ATM Services we offer our partners:

Maintenance – First-line (routine support, replacement, and restocking of consumables), and second-line (replacing or repairing worn parts, as well as updating software).

Processing – POS systems, In-store credit card machines, mobile phone or tablet payment through sliding, ALINE card, credit card machine processors, and more.

Cash Assistance – we take over cash load-in for partner machines.

Merchant Payments – we manage monthly disbursement payments.

Dedicated Account Managers – We manage admin responsibilities for your network.

No matter your need, Tritec is here to serve you.

Make sure your ATM machines are in top condition with excellent service solutions from Tritec ATM. We are leaders in Richmond for ATM businesses. You can count on our experienced team for all your ATM service needs.

  • Maintenance
  • Services
  • Processing
  • Cash assistance

We also offer FREE ATM machine placement.

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